Cyber Security Act awaits Cabinet approval

The much anticipated Cyber Security Act which will ensure a safe and secure cyber security environment in the country is currently under Cabinet observation and its enactment is likely to take place early next year, according to a Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT) official. The objectives of the Act is to ensure the effective implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy in Sri Lanka, prevent, mitigate and respond to cyber security threats and incidents effectively and efficiently, set up the Cyber Security Agency of Sri Lanka and to empower the institutional framework to provide a safe and secure cyber security environment; and protect the Critical Information Infrastructure. The Act has provision for the setting up of a Cyber Security Agency which shall be the apex and executive body for all matters relating to cyber security policy in Sri Lanka and shall be responsible for the implementation of the National Cyber Security Strategy of Sri Lanka. The Act also provides provisions to develop strategies and plans for the protection of CII in consultation with the owners of CII in consultation with stakeholders, act as the central point of contact for cyber security in Sri Lanka, and provide advice to government institutions and other sectors in respect of cyber security matters, act as the interface for the multi-directional and cross-sector sharing of information related to cyber threat indicators, defensive measures, cyber security risks, incidents, analysis and warnings in relation to cyber security for government institutions. CICRA Holdings Director/CEO Boshan Dayaratne said Sri Lanka needs a Cyber Security and Data Protection Act to protect personal data from being hacked and misused by others.

November 16, 2019 19:52 UTC

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