This everlasting question “Is there a friendship between men and women?” becomes a subject of discussions and arguments on every party, dinner and family sitting. It disturbs and excites the mind of every gender, no matter what kind of circumstances are there. But can people, who are intended to pair up and further reproduce, establish some kind of strong bond, based only on mutual understanding and respect? Can this friendship avoid growing into feelings and sexual tension? Сan guys and girls be just friends? These are the reasons why being “just good friends” is not an option between men and women:

Friendship often grows into love and feelings

First of all you need to know how to tell if a girl just wants to be friends. It is difficult to act openly, unless you know she is emotionally available as a potential partner. Besides, even if a guy and a girl begin to communicate as friends, sooner or later one of them falls in love with another. Unrequited love can happen at any time. She, most likely, will break off friendly relations, as it will be awkward to know about such a crush. If the feelings turn out to be mutual and people become a couple, this will only prove the impossibility of friendship. After all, do men ever just want to be friends with a woman?

Men-women friendship is impossible when one of you is no single anymore

So, can men and women be just friends if one of them is in a romantic relationship with a third party? How would you react if your girlfriend had a best friend-guy whom she involves in every detail of her life? If he is not gay or also taken, you regard him as a potential threat. He enrages you, and eventually you will forbid them to communicate. Your girlfriend sees the situation the similar way. She will perceive a female friend as a potential threat, even if she does not have an outstanding appearance.

Men and women try to attract each other even in the friendship

Despite all the conventionality of such friendship, men will go out of their way to please their female friend to boost the self-esteem and flex. Just because she's a girl. On her side, the actions will be quite similar. In the depths of her soul, there will always be thoughts about attracting the opposite sex, because it is arranged by nature and there is nothing that can be done about it. You are pleased to hear approval of your appearance from friends-guys, but if the girl says it, you simply blossom in a smile. Harvard University conducted a study from the best friends - boys and girls. Therefore, 88% of girls, making a compliment to a male friend, meant that they could build a relationship with him.

We are too different to be friends

The best friend is a person who can call and tell about his phenomenal trip to the public toilet, and you will listen with interest and even sometimes ask a bunch of questions. Now imagine how you tell your female friend about poopy stories. Will she appreciate your specific humor when jokes can hurt her personality and disgust? And imagine her speaking about the new powder and lipstick that she bought today. Friendship should not have limitations. It is based on the similarity of interests. If you choose words when communicating with a friend, then is he or she your friend? We are too different to be friends, we look at the world in different ways and we think differently. And girls with double D's are physically difficult to treat them solely as friends.

Friends of different genders consider each other an option for relationships

Have you ever heard her saying that she just wants to be friends? Well, keep in mind that her wish is not always true and sincere. Friends can become a couple, viewing each other as a “backup plan” in case it does not work out with other people. Such mercantile relations should not take place in friendship. Moreover, how can one treat people with respect, if you consider them as the last option? Besides that, physically attractive grown-up friends develop chemistry much faster than, say, childhood friends, asexuals and people of different preferences.

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