Italian officials offer ‘maximum support’ with Libya amid meet with deputy PM

ROME: Top members of the Italian government met the Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Maitig in Rome on Tuesday to discuss the country’s latest developments. He said the appointment of a new UN special envoy for Libya is “urgent” and asked for the agreement on the cease-fire “to be implemented without hesitation.”The foreign minister said it was essential that the coastal road between Sirte and Misurata was reopened and that all foreign fighters and mercenaries were withdrawn. Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese confirmed that Italy is “close to the Libyan people and offers maximum support for the government of national agreement in the stabilization process of the territory.”She said that in recent months several members of the Italian administration had the opportunity to meet regularly with their Libyan counterparts. “We always had a frank and constructive dialogue to strengthen the bond between our two countries,” she said as she reiterated “the closeness to the Libyan people and the utmost support for the government of national agreement in the stabilization path of Libya.”She added: “Italy has always been and firmly intends to remain on the side of Libya in the process of strengthening its institutions and economic and social revival. “In view of the upcoming elections, Italy confirms it is attentive and sensitive to the needs and wishes of the Libyan people, based on the historical privileged relationship between the two countries.”She underlined that Rome considers the peace of Libya a major objective and called for “the attention of all the international players, the EU and the Mediterranean states in particular, so that we can all to work all together for a stable solution, which marks a new phase for all the Libyan people.”

Source:Libya Today

January 12, 2021 19:30 UTC

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