News Headlines, Friday, February 16, 2024

Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) threaten blocking gas production to Mellitah Complex envoy: Libyan major actors unwilling to settle political disputes government cancels February revolution celebrations in solidarity with floods victims interior minister in Tripoli to discuss migration, border security retrieve over 190 unidentified bodies in Derna announces establishment of free zone with Libya representatives demands that Palestinian issue be made a priority for Arab Parliament Air Maroc explores direct flights to Libya's sons lead military maneuvers in Sirte, Jufra with Russian support discussions on establishment of African Investment Bank in Tripoli reiterates priority of national companies in developing Hamada oilfield of Finance: Salaries delayed due to the failure to approve state budget immigrants retuned to Libya from the Mediterranean in a week report says ISIS is still active in south Libya Sharara oilfield resumes production by 260.000 bpd urges redirection of celebration funds ahead of Feb 17 affirms commitment to involving Libyan factions in political solution backs direct Libyan elections, avoiding further transitional stages participates in NEPAD's meeting to discuss African 2063 agenda debt inventory team in Jordan completed its work committee discusses with German delegation possibility of opening consulate in Benghazi seeks cooperation with WHO to develop health sector’s Karanfil Group launches electronic platform to enhance trade with Libya

February 16, 2024 21:10 UTC

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