LNA recovers Alasabaa town western Tripoli from militias

FILE - LNA spokesperson Ahmed Al-Mesmari- Press photoLibyan Army eliminates Turkish-backed militia head Murad Al-Azizi CAIRO - 30 May 2020: The Military Information Division, affiliated with the Libyan Army, has announced the killing of the Turkish-backed Murad Abu Hamoud Al-Azizi, a Syrian mercenary squad leader, at the axis of the Airport Road in the capital, Tripoli. CAIRO – 1 June 2020: The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on Monday the restoration of Alasabaa town western Tripoli from militias affiliated to the Government of National Accord (GNA) which had taken over the town on May 21.LNA Spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary stated that the Libyan Armed Forces were able to impose control over the town after a raid launched by the Air Force against militias' concentrations on the Western Mountain.The LNA declared on Sunday the killing of three field commanders of the militias protecting the Government of National Accord (GNA) southern Tripoli in clashes.On May 29, Commander of LNA's Western District Mabrouk al-Ghazwi announced the death of 60 and the injury of 100 militants as they attempted to attack concentrations of the Libyan Armed Forces southern Tripoli.The commander stated that at least 1,500 Syrian mercenaries were involved in the attack according to the confessions of a captive.On May 25, the Libyan Air Force struck for the first time in 2 months Mitiga Airbase used by Turkey to pilot drones that target LNA forces. The strikes also targeted a Turkish air defense system at the base.Mesmary said that 100 militants were killed on May 23 in the fighting that resulted in the restoration of Tripoli's Yarmouk Military Camp by the Libyan Armed Forces from militias.In addition, 27 militants were killed in a repelled attack on LNA-held Tarhouna city southern Tripoli.Tripoli militias took over Oqba Bin Nafea Airbase located in Al Watiyah area western Libya from the LNA on Monday.In April, LNA Spokesperson Ahmed al-Mesmary stated that the militias had been attempting to take over the airbase as it can be the substitute of Mitiga Airbase if taken over by the Libyan Armed Forces that lie few kilometers from it.In the same month, the LNA downed 60 Turkish drones piloted from Mitiga Airbase. In December, the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Turkey signed two MoUs on defense and gas drilling in the Mediterranean.As a consequence, Turkey brought into Libya 15,000 Syrian mercenaries to fight in the ranks of militias protecting the Tripoli-based GNA, which is an interim non-elected government that is recognized by the United Nations.Turkey also brought Turkish 1,500 military experts and officers to command the operations rooms of militias, which have been controlling only Tripoli and Misrata since the LNA restored Sirte in January.Fighting has been ongoing as the LNA has been encircling both cities and advancing in their suburbs while militias have been targeting its concentrations.

Source:Libya Today

June 01, 2020 11:26 UTC

Ministers reveal 7 governorates with top COVID-19 infections, medical care status across Egypt

That is in addition to securing 1,000 mobile medical clinics to provide care for cases quarantined at home.Until present, 8 million medicine doses were offered to individuals in the surroundings of positive cases, 2 million doses were given to patients receiving treatment at home, and half a million doses were secured to in-patients.To date, 65 mobile clinics were operated to distribute such doses. The clinics reached the farthest point in Egyptian territories, which is Bahi El Din village located near the borders with Libya western the country.By the end of this week, 57 PCR labs affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Population and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research will be in place after adding 8 labs. Currently, there are 32 PCR labs affiliated to the former and 17 affiliated to the latter.Minister Zayed revealed that the 7 governorates with top infections are Cairo, Giza, Qalyoubiyah, Monofeya, Fayoum, Alexandria and Beheira. The total figure in those governorates until May 30 is 15,415.Minister Abdel Ghaffar stated that the number of university hospitals ready to provide medical care to COVID-19 patients is 113 having 35,000 beds. At present, 23 of those treat coronavirus patients.Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli instructed concerned cabinet members to designate a maximum price for COVID-19 medical services at private hospitals as exaggerated amounts have been set.

Source:Libya Today

May 31, 2020 14:48 UTC

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