Ajiboye tasks government on preservation of Nigerian languages | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News

At the dedication of Epie and Ogbia New Testament Bibles, during the week in Lagos, Ajiboye said, “our language is our identity and an integral part of our culture, which must be preserved.”He noted that by translating the Bible into Nigerian languages, the Society is helping the country to preserve various languages and cultures that are prevalent. “The various government should not take preservation of languages for granted because of its importance and this is the reason the Bible Society of Nigeria should be encouraged and supported for the noble work of helping to preserve our languages and cultures.”Ajiboye, who stressed the need for the government and the society to partner in this area, said it would not be out of place if the government would give scholarship for Nigerians to be trained as Translation Consultants and at the end of their training give them jobs. He disclosed that the Society has translated the full Bible in not less than 26 Nigerian Languages, which include Proclaimers, an audio Bible device in different Nigerian Languages for those who cannot read or understand the English Language, Braille Bible for those who are visually impaired and Nigerian Sign Language Bible for the Deaf, while translation and revision are ongoing in 10 Nigerian languages, adding that it costs not less than N72 million to complete a Bible translation project in 12 years.

September 20, 2020 04:30 UTC

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