Qatar is a fantastic travel destination with stunning views. You should travel to Qatar at least once to see the natural desert dunes and the striking artificial structures. However, like every other foreign country, you will require a Visa to travel to Qatar. Whatever may be the reason for travel, some formalities remain the same. Read on to know more about Qatar Visa for Indians.

All You Need to Know About Qatar Visa for Indians

You can find the legal formalities and requirements for Qatar Visa for Indians from many sources. But it will become troublesome to rely on different sources for the procedures. We combined all these things into these 8 points. With this knowledge, you won’t require anything else to have a pleasant visit and stay in Qatar.

Types of Visas

The State of Qatar gives two types of Visas to Indians. Qatar Transit Visa and Qatar Tourism Visa. You can opt for Qatar Tourism Visa for your vacation or touring purposes. If you are a touring Indian citizen with a valid Indian passport, you don’t need to apply for Visa beforehand. Qatar Visa for Indians is obtainable on a Visa-on-arrival basis.

Passport Validity

Qatar Visa for Indians is available only with a passport with at least six months validity remaining. You must make sure that the barcode on your passport is legible and is scannable. Otherwise, apply for a new passport to avoid issues later.


The maximum duration of stay in Qatar on a Qatar Visa for Indians is 30 days. If you wish to stay for more than that, Qatar gives an extension of another 30 days. This extension is possible only after completing a few more formalities. The duration considers single trips and multiple trips, so you only get a maximum of 60 days free tourist visa in a lifetime. If you wish to stay for more days, you must pay the extra Visa fees. Otherwise, you can get a Transit Visa, Work Visa, or permanent residence.

Credit/Debit Card

Qatar Visa for Indians is available only after showing a debit/credit card with a $1400 balance. It is a compulsory requirement for individuals and families.

Confirmed Return Ticket

Qatar Visa for Indians also requires a confirmed return ticket within 30 days. Such measures ensure that you can leave the country within the permissible duration.

Confirmed Hotel Reservation

Qatar Visa for Indians is only available after showing a confirmed hotel reservation. So, if you are planning to visit Qatar, you must book a hotel in advance.


There are several custom regulations in Qatar. it’s an Islamic country, so you cannot carry alcohol into the country. You can bring any number of personal belongings that are in used condition. Personal belongings include electronic gadgets, mobiles, laptops, cameras, and other day-to-day equipment. However, if you wish to carry any new and packed items, their value must not exceed QAR 3000. Similarly, the limit for Jewellery and precious items is QAR 50,000.

You can take your pets to Qatar along with you, subject to a few health and safety measures. Qatar Visa for Indians is permissible only after a successful customs clearance.

Travel Insurance

It is beneficial to have travel insurance while traveling to an unknown country. You could get a lot of perks and benefits that ensure personal and luggage safety. Many insurance companies in India give extensive plans with maximum advantages. Care Health Insurance is one of the most popular insurance providers in India. This company is a subsidiary of the famous financial service provider Religare Enterprises Limited. There are several plans suitable for traveling with Qatar Visa for Indians. You must check out their website for perfect travel insurance within an affordable price range.

Now you must know all the points about Qatar visa for Indians. If you take care of these things, you will not face any issues. With this knowledge, you can easily plan a trip with friends or family. So, go ahead and plan your trip. Wishing you a safe and happy journey.