Vietnam in need of more village-based midwives

A village-based midwife helps a mother take care of her baby in Tu Mo Rong district in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum. (Photo: VNA)- Vietnam is in need of village-based midwives as the country has more than 7,000 remote and disadvantaged villages where women do not regularly get antenatal care at medical facilities.Many also still give birth at home. Dinh Anh Tuan from the Maternal and Child Health Department under the Ministry of Health said that it is necessary to train more village-based midwives because the country now has only 3,000.The need for village-based midwives is very high, he said.Therefore, the ministry plans to train more village-based midwives and continue strengthening the quality of staff in the future, he said.It will also update the knowledge and skills as well as provide necessary tools for helping women when they are giving birth, following Decision No. They will be on duty in the evening, he said.“It means that they will work as medical staff,” he said.The training process is strict and scientific, so the quality of village-based midwives has improved, he said.All of them meet the requirements, he said. "The midwives play an extremely important role, especially in remote and disadvantaged areas," he said.They are the bridge of the health sector, bringing safe maternal and childcare services to ethnic-minority women, he said.The midwives also bring mothers to medical facilities, helping them to receive antenatal care and delivery at medical facilities, he said.The village-based midwives contribute to ensuring the goal of safe motherhood of ethnic-minority women, he said.

December 02, 2022 20:31 UTC

President hosts representatives from organisations of Koreans in Vietnam

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) greets representatives from organisations of Republic of Korea citizens on December 1. (Photo: VNA)– President Nguyen Xuan Phuc met with representatives from organisations of Republic of Korea citizens living and working in Vietnam on December 1, ahead of his State-level visit to the RoK at the invitation of his counterpart Yoon Suk-yeol At the meeting, RoK Ambassador to Vietnam Oh Young-ju said the RoK attaches special importance to the friendly and cooperative relationship with Vietnam, and has high expectations of President Phuc’s visit that it would open up new opportunities for bilateral cooperation in various fields, especially a cooperation framework for a mineral supply chain.Participants shared the view that the Vietnam-RoK strategic cooperative partnership is developing strongly, and people-to-people exchanges are also flourishing, with the Vietnam-RoK Friendship Association and RoK-Vietnam Friendship Association playing a prominent role.The representatives from the organisations of RoK citizens in Vietnam expressed their hope that President Phuc and relevant agencies always support the RoK community in Vietnam and further facilitate investment and business activities of RoK enterprises in the country.The President appreciated the role of organisations of RoK citizens in Vietnam in supporting RoK nationals in the country and deepening the friendship and mutual understanding between the two peoples.He affirmed that the Vietnamese State always takes care of and protects the legitimate rights and interests of the RoK community, as well as creates the best possible conditions for the community.The State leader said the great achievements of the Vietnam-RoK bilateral cooperation after 30 years establishing diplomatic relations prove that the two countries have become very important partners of each other.However, they still have great potential for expanding cooperation, Phuc said, noting his wish to further promote the bilateral partnership. He asked RoK citizens and enterprises to continue fostering the friendship and cooperation between the RoK and Vietnam./.

December 01, 2022 19:34 UTC

Vietnam News Agency boosts cooperation with Cuban newspaper

General Director of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) Vu Viet Trang (R) and Deputy Director of the Granma daily Arlin Alberty Loforte. (Photo:VNA)General Director of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) Vu Viet Trang on November 29 had a working session with a delegation of the Granma daily - the newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), led by its Deputy Director Arlin Alberty Loforte.According to Loforte, the Granma daily currently publishes 500,000 copies per day and distributed in 38 countries. It also produces radio and television programmes, as well as promotes its presence on social media.Granma wants to learn from experiences in developing model of convergence newsrooms, modern journalism and increase presence on social networks and other interactive information platforms in order to attract young people, and fight misinformation and slander by hostile forces, she said.Through the working visit to the VNA, the newspaper wishes to exchange experiences in digital transformation, how to produce news in cyber environment and access young viewers, she went on.For her part, the VNA leader noted that VNA and Granma share many similarities. She said as the key national press agency providing official information to domestic and foreign media outlets, VNA is developing following the model of a multimedia press agency.The general director briefed the guest on the organisational structure of VNA, with seven source news departments, 10 electronic and print newspapers, one TV channel and one publishing house, along with supporting units. The agency has a network of 63 bureaus in all provinces and centrally-run cities in Vietnam, and 30 overseas bureaus in all five continents, including one in Havana, Cuba.She thanked the leaders and colleagues of Granma daily for their enthusiastic and effective support of VNA's correspondents in Havana, expressing the hope that they will continue to coordinate and support their colleagues from the VNA’s office in Cuba in the coming time.On this occasion, the Granma daily’s delegation visited a number of units of the VNA to learn about VNA's operation model./.

November 29, 2022 20:20 UTC

Vietnam's overseas representative agencies to step up economic diplomacy

Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Minh Vu (standing) speaks at the hybrid conference with overseas representative agencies of Vietnam on November 28. (Photo:– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a hybrid conference with overseas representative agencies of Vietnam on November 28 with a view to promoting economic diplomacy The conference, the first of its kind and to be held monthly, was chaired by Minister Bui Thanh Son and saw the presence of more than 90 ambassadors and heads of overseas representative agencies.Standing Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Minh Vu, head of the steering committee for economic diplomacy, said economic diplomacy has had its focus opportunely shifted from vaccine diplomacy serving the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic to socio-economic recovery and development, which has effectively contributed to national achievements in the first 10 months of 2022.However, as the global economic situation is predicted to continue facing difficulties, causing pressure on developing and highly open economies like Vietnam, the Government has high expectations for more contributions by economic diplomacy to macro-economic stability and sustainable growth, he noted.Son said economic diplomacy has become a focal and consistent task of overseas representative agencies of Vietnam.He requested that amid the complex and unpredictable global and regional economic situation, the representative agencies should press on with studying; giving advice; making forecasts; keeping a close watch on global and regional economic developments; conducting in-depth assessment of new economic connectivity initiatives and supply chain shifting trends; seeking opportunities for attracting investment to Vietnam, especially in high technology, green energy, digital transformation, and high-tech agriculture; continuing to help Vietnamese enterprises and localities to enhance relations with foreign partners and businesses; and finding new regions, sectors, and mechanisms to further expand export markets.The minister asked ambassadors and heads of representative agencies to uphold their sense of responsibility towards the Party and people in economic diplomacy, helping the country sustain growth momentum and realise socio-economic development targets set at the 13th National Party Congress.At the conference, participants discussed the prospects and major issues of the global economy, shared information about the situation in their host countries and territories, exchanged other countries’ experience in dealing with macro-economic challenges, proposed measures for attracting investment more strongly and capitalising on the supply chain shifting trend, and suggested ways for expanding and diversifying export markets./.

November 29, 2022 19:15 UTC

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