Role and functions of the Middle East, North Africa Youth Coordination

The Middle East and North Africa Youth Conference, entitled Youth and the Building of a Free Future, was held in Beirut, Lebanon, on June 8 and 9. The conference resulted in a package of outcomes, including the formation of a Middle East and North Africa Youth Coordination. On the coordination's role, coordination Zana Mustafa explained that the coordinator is an organizational mechanism and an executive body for the follow-up and representation of the conference's decisions, overseeing the realization of the objectives of this initiative. The youth movements and organizations that participated in the conference are: (the Iraqi Democratic Youth Union, the youth of the Beth Nahrin National Union, the Yemeni Socialist Party Student Sector, the Progressive Youth Union in Egypt, the youth of the Sudanese Communist Party, the youth of the Resistance Movement, the youth of the Struggle Movement in Tunisia, and the Council of Youth of the Democratic Peoples’ Congress in Turkey, the Syrian Democratic Youth Council, the Young Women’s Union, the Syriac Progressive Youth Union, the youth of the Armenian Social Council, the Kurdistan Youth Union, the Kurdistan Youth Union Organization, the Students’ Renaissance and Kurdistan Youth Organization, the Kurdistan Youth Freedom Organization, in addition to representatives of The Yazidi Youth Union, activists from Egypt, and representatives of the youth of the revolutionary left movement in Syria, along with a group of activists and writers from Armenia, Egypt, Yemen, and Western Sahara). Zana Mustafa explained that the coordination's tasks also included implementing the resolutions adopted at the conference, submitting studies, developing plans, and developing youth strategies for all youth movements, particularly the common points of youth organizations in the Middle East and North Africa, and intensifying efforts and uniting capacities to achieve the goals and principles of this initiative.

June 20, 2024 07:28 UTC

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