Egypt automates real estate tax system to improve services quality

CAIRO - 25 May 2024: Egyptian Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Maait confirmed that a project to develop and automate the real estate tax system was launched in cooperation with the tax solutions operating technology company E-Tax, owned by the Ministry of Finance, and the E.G. The project is meant to make it easier for citizens, by making real estate tax system services available electronically for the first time, gradually, within the framework of the Ministry of Finance’s strategy to optimally exploit the path of digital transformation in various sectors and affiliated departments, in a way that contributes to improving the quality of services and establishing the pillars of equal opportunities and transparency. The minister added that an “advanced electronic platform” has already been launched to facilitate services and spread awareness of real estate tax laws and procedures, and the service will gradually begin to launch the service of inquiring about unit tax dues, paying debts, reviewing the account electronically, and electronic payment of the tax “online” for those registered in high-density tax offices. Anwar Fawzi, Head of the Real Estate Tax Authority, confirmed that procedures are being carefully re-engineered and mechanized to make “remote services” available via the advanced electronic platform, during the project implementation stages. This contributes to alleviating the burden on citizens and relieving them of the need to go to mission offices to receive services.

Source:Egypt Today

May 25, 2024 21:09 UTC

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